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Aesthetic Dental is our art of restoring the teeth and gum line harmoniously, providing a beautiful smile!

Get to know the dental aesthetic treatments offered by Clínica Fernando Mendes

  • AESTHETIC DENTAL - Have you ever felt curious to know the secret of the beautiful Celebrity Smile? Dentistry offers techniques that enable a perfect, white, and distinguished smile. Know some of these techniques.
  • TOOTH WHITENING - With the use of porcelain laminated veneers or tooth whitening, the smile is renewed. The beautiful and brilliant smile of the celebrities is not exclusive to the artistic medium. With the use of porcelain laminated veneers, spaces are filled, the shape and proportion of the teeth are corrected, as well as repairing fractures and wear, covering old fillings and leaving the teeth looking "new". The making of a facet is handmade, following a detailed study of the face design, the teeth and the intended transformation in the smile. As a matter of curiosity, the perfect smiles of celebrities, for the most part, are "created" with porcelain veneers. When teeth are in perfect shapes, dental whitening offers a beautiful and shiny appearance. Therefore, your smile can also be renewed. For more details, please contact us.
  • RESTORATION - It consists of making small adjustments in the form of (minimum) wear on some teeth and additions (resin) in others, in order to make the smile more beautiful and harmonious.
  • FACETS - The facets are thin porcelain shells resembling false nails glued to the front portion of the teeth offering them a natural look and surface. With this procedure we can modify and correct the length, width, color, shape, and texture of the teeth. It gives the teeth a natural beauty, a color stability and correct small turning teeth versions. It has excellent adhesion and resistance thanks to modern cementation systems giving great safety during the masticatory function and smile. They can be constructed translucently and the final color is given by the color of the cements or may already come from the laboratory with the color of the tooth. This thin sheet can be applied directly on natural teeth or on old and stained restorations. They preserve the dental structures, because the preparation of the teeth that will receive the facets are conservative or no wear is necessary in some regions of the teeth. The facets cover only the front and incisal portion of the teeth with fantastic aesthetic results, preserving the health of the gums.

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