Dr. Fernando Mendes

Dr. Fernando Mendes graduated in 1978 and earned his Master's degree in Orthodontics from the University of Detroit, Michigan, USA. He is a Dentist and specialist in Orthodontics registered at the Federal Council of Dentistry.
He was assistant professor of the Faculty of Dentistry of UMC for another 17 years and of the School of Professional Improvement of the Paulista Association of Dental Surgeons. He is frequently a lecturer at several dental congresses and symposiums and has been teaching refresher courses in recent techniques.
He obtained surgical training in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Henry Ford Hospital - USA.
He practices general practice and has specialization courses in Implants Member of the Paulista Association of Dental Surgeons, American Association of Orthodontics and Paulista Society of Orthodontics.

Vision of Dr. Fernando
of Dentistry in the Present:

Already in antiquity the aesthetics related to the teeth was concern of the individuals. Unsurprisingly, a beautiful smile elevates self-esteem, cooperates favorably in communication between people helping professional and loving life. We also know that the relationship between teeth with soft tissues (Cheek, lips, tongue) and an adequate masticatory function is important in the longevity of the masticatory system.
Thanks to the media and consequent greater awareness of the importance of oral health, a greater number of individuals seek dental centers for aesthetic and restorative solutions. Continuous national and international research has brought about technological advances in techniques, equipment and new materials greatly favored patients in the favorable solution of their dental problems.
So what has changed in dentistry in recent years?
Dental Implants - I remember that at the beginning of my profession I did everything to save a tooth that presented severe problems of support. Today, thanks to the excellent predictability in success with the use of integrated Bone Implants this concern no longer exists. Implants nowadays are in well-diagnosed cases placed immediately after the teeth are extracted. And bone grafts allow almost all patients to receive Implants.
Exceptional results are obtained with smaller implants and smaller diameter, and therefore a greater number of cases can be solved by not demanding greater bone area. Minor modifications in the technique make implants less bone resorption increasing their life.
Implants can be placed after prototyping the bone receiving structures prototyping that allows the patient in a single session to enter without teeth in our office and leave with teeth after a few hours.
Aesthetic restorative materials of direct application can be used on posterior teeth, and their adhesion is fantastic allows the preservation of dental structures during the preparation of the same. The harmonization of smile with these materials can be achieved by changing the shape, size and close spaces. This without the need to wear out the teeth to be treated.
High tech computing for use in the clinic and laboratory allows treatment and confection of teeth with odd quality. Teeth can be executed on the other side of the world just by sending the necessary information via the Internet.
The use of computer science in the examinations, digital images allows to diagnose, to plan and obtain a prognosis of the result of the treatment. Treatment can be done virtually on computer programs before being applied on patient and molding with scanner can be used.
Prostheses of prime aesthetic need are free of metal. Not only color is taken into account but also the translucency, texture, value, shape, size, etc.
In orthodontics the brackets can be ceramic or glued on the inside of the teeth. In some cases, removable invisible plaques are used to treat the correction of poor tooth position.
Whitening is done successfully with Laser.
What has NOT changed in dentistry in recent years?
What has not changed is the value of experience, constant professional updating and the need for manual ability to correctly perform procedures without causing discomfort to the patient.

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